Twisted in the park

Adam D Lewis posted a photo:

Twisted in the park

Taken from within Tivoli gardens, this was to be my first night time & long exposure shot, rolled into one. The idea came to me whilst I waited inline to get on a roller coaster.

As the sunlight diminished and the parks illuminations took over I experienced the transformation from day to night; and what a difference. Parts of the grounds that looked pleasant during the day, are now seen in a completely different light (pun intended) adding a romance to the air.

The Star flyer, the highest carousel in Northern Europe (standing at an impressive 80m) became quite striking. I was walking towards the exit to catch a train so had one chance to get this.
The beautiful water feature and atmospheric light added to the foreground, however the result seen from the rotation of the carousel, added a nice "twist" to the image (Again pun intended)

This was the last shot of the day I hope you enjoy it!

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