Biker Lou D (93), “The Italian Stallion” at End of the Day “Magic Hour” Atop Bear Mountain: An October Day Trip to See the Fall Foliage and Reflections in Lakes at Harriman State Park NY

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Biker Lou D (93), “The Italian Stallion” at End of the Day “Magic Hour” Atop Bear Mountain: An October Day Trip to See the Fall Foliage and Reflections in Lakes at Harriman State Park NY

One of our best pals is in his 90’s, 93 when hanging out with us to see the lovely fall colors. Born in 1922, and serving in WWII as a young man, Lou D’Alonzo’s life has been very interesting in the years since coming to America as a baby from Italy. He has a wide range of interests in history and the arts, and often times, in spite of his advanced age, is eager to accompany us on full day excursions that he can handle. Even at this writing, he is now 96, and full of pep and sharp as can be—and yes, still hanging out with us on a regular basis.
The end of the this gorgeous autumn day had us driving up to the top of Bear Mountain, situated wonderfully as it offers superb views in all directions. Down toward the Hudson Valley and River sits the historic Bear Mountain Inn, Lake Hessian, the sprawling grounds and an ice skating rink and antique indoor carousel. Furthermore, in that direction, one can enjoy the views across the river with the layers of mountains and the Bear Mountain Bridge that spans from one end of the river to the other. Anthony’s Nose, the name of the mountain on the other side of the bridge is great to hike and climb, for the views facing west toward where we stood are just as impressive. I had finally taken done the hike in more recently, and accordingly, will have the photos from that outing posted in the future. Views to the south and west, or north, depict the lush wooded landscape, and the colors can be nicely appreciated as you look as far as you can, taking in the amazing scenery. Many photographers would arrive toward this latter part of the day to catch sunset views, and when the observation tower is open, the views can be even better–it was not on this day. Our old-timer pal, Lou (93 at the time), was delighted to sit on the seat of these very attractive motorcycles—I had asked the riders if he could sit on one or more of the bikes for photos. They were more than happy, and even offered Lou a helmet to wear. As the sun begins its final descent, the granite boulders take on a very attractive salmon hue, and when the golden orb decides to get dramatic toward the western end, one never knows exactly what type of show it will put on for the admiring onlookers. We were fortunate enough on this day to witness that of an inferno sky. A perfect ending for all . . .
Although at the time of this upload, the period in which the photos in the series were taken is not current, but from October 22, 2015; however, the overall scenery and the colors/shades of the foliage is consistent over the years, with only slight variations depending on any particular weather influence.
The brilliant autumn colors of Harriman State Park of New York, just north of the New Jersey border and a bit west of the Hudson River, never fails. If at all possible, it is usually best to take shots rather late in the day, starting a little before the sun begins to descend—unless, of course, the overcast or inclement weather is a factor.
When the sun is just right, and the “magical light” is cast upon the land and water scape, everything becomes so much more spectacular in the golden tones and the vibrant reflections in the water.
The variety of colors seen in the NJ-PA-NY Tri-State region can match anything in the popular New England states. In spite of the scale, on average, in the New England states being greater, the variety of tree species changing colors around the same time frame is more pronounced in our Tri-State area, thus, allowing a wider range of the rainbow array to capture at any given time during the autumn foliage visits.

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