Tyra Banks, Poster Child for Anger Management

I have been reflecting upon the Tyra Banks “Fat Attack” and as a provider of anger management services, I must say that I am very proud of how maturely she handled this whole fiasco about her weight gain. So much is said about celebrates who, in fits of rage, allow their anger to get them in serious trouble. Not Tyra Banks. In my opinion, the way she has handled this situation is anger management at its best.

Let me frame Tyra’s response to her new found “publicity” as would any well-thinking anger management provider. I will use George Anderson’s world renowned anger management model as my framework for arguing that Tyra is the poster child for positive, effective anger management.

Anderson suggests that effective anger management must have four components: emotional intelligence, stress management, communication skills and anger management. The components I want to focus on are emotional intelligence and communication skills. Anderson-trained anger management providers argue that anger in a secondary emotion. Therefore, it follows that anger is often driven by other emotions, such as hurt, rejection, humiliation, fear, and many others. Instead of learning to communicate how we really feel, the person with an anger problem lashes out in rage; they get momentary relief, but the problem of painful emotions persist. Their anger will continue to hurt them and others.

What does this have to do with Tyra Banks? Imagine after building your whole career on your body image – and being loved by millions as a fashion model – how shocked she must have been to see such hateful pictures of herself being portrayed as fat pasted all over the internet and in print. Her emotions could have run the gamut from humiliation, disappointment, hurt, embarrassment, fear, anxiety, rejection, uncertainty, shock, disgust. Need I add more? This was the perfect recipe for an anger management fit. She could have said, “How dare they assassinate my character like that?” and, in rage, drawn up legal papers in order to file suit. But instead, Tyra appears to have processed her own emotions, and with maturity, used another of the

Anderson model tried-and-tested skills – communication – to share her feelings with the world in a way that would make any anger management practitioner proud.

The way in which Tyra Banks has been portrayed is enough to send anyone on an anger binge, but not Tyra. Tyra showed us that she is emotionally intelligent and that she can communicate in a way that allows her to access and share her true feelings. To Rosie and Donald, I say “three cheers” for Tyra Banks. In my mind, Tyra is a positive poster child for effective anger management. For more discussion on the Anderson and

Anderson model and other anger management topics, please visit www.andersonservices.com or www.masteringanger.com. For an

Anderson provider anywhere in the country visit www.anger-management-resources.org

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Tyra Banks Supporting ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ in Singapore

Tyra Banks was spotted in Singapore for the promotion of Asia’s Next Top Model . A new version of her fashion-themed reality TV show ‘America’s Next Top Model’.

Tyra Banks, the supermodel turned super mogul, was in Singapore for supporting ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’, an upcoming reality TV show. The show is a new version of the fashion-themed reality TV show ‘America’s Next Top Model’. The show will be set on air across Asia via both free-to-air and cable channels late this year.

The 38-year-old American model is the founder, executive producer, and host of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. The show was first aired in the year 2003, and now in the 19th cycle, the TV franchise has launched international spinoffs across the world. The local versions launched in Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Philippines, and South Korea. ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ will be the first version which will broadcast in English with a pan-regional scope.

The host of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ was seen, doing interviews, in the press conference of ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’. She also met the CEO of Ice-TV Group, Anita Hatta. She breezed into the press conference in gold skyscraper heels and a bright yellow wrap dress, looking like a Barbie doll from HT2.

The main eligibility criteria for the applicants were they should be of Asian descent and must be between 18 to 27 years of age. The show received applications from 38 countries across the world like Australia, South Africa, North and South America, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Iraq, U.K. and Papua New Guinea. The applications are now closed. Further details about the short-listed applicants, broadcast, and sponsorship partners will be announced on September 25.

Nadya Hutagalung, the gorgeous Singapore-based model, will host the show while Singaporean fashion director Daniel Boey, Philippine model and TV host Joey Mead-King, and Canadian fashion photographer Todd Anthony Tyler will be the honourable judges.

The Asian models are increasingly being embraced by the international designers, and Ms. Banks thinks this rise is an absolutely beautiful thing. She doesn’t like models of different races keep coming and going out of fashion. She said that the industry should work with all types of models. She supports diversity in the fashion industry to expand the definition of beauty.

It was nice to see her down-to-earth behaviour, when she showed her dislike for the term ‘plus-size’ models, and prefer the term ‘fiercely real’ instead.

She also said the show will now embrace social media for empowering fans to note for their favourite contestants. Earlier the concept of public opinion was not there as she feared that the fans will vote the prettiest girl, but now the audience understands that beauty is beyond looking like a Barbie.

Just watch out to see how competitive the girls will be on ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’.

Trilastin SR: How Effectual is Stretched Tissue Cure Trilastin?

Stretched tissue is a part of teenage years for the majority of girls and guys or women during their pregnancy. When someone grows or gains weight truly fast (like during puberty), that individual may get fine lines on the body called stretch marks.

If you have ever had stretched tissue you almost unquestionably know all too well that they are ugly and in most cases embarrassing. And the most dreadful part is, stretched tissue really come through no fault of our own! Growing speedy like in teens, pregnancy, one of the most thrilling times in a woman’s life, or having lost a large amount of weight can be the causes of it.

In the past it has been not easy or even not probable to take away or lessen the effect of stretch marks. Depending on the basis of stretch marks, it can take years for them to die out from the skin.

Today though, thanks to great advancements in nowadays technology, there are ways of reducing and even eliminating the look of the well-known stretched tissue. Recently one that has become very popular due to the Tyra Banks show is a stretched tissue treatment called Trilastin SR.

Essentially, the claims are that Trilastin, through a diversity of means it can really promote the protection and repair of the damaged skin in a proactive manner.

So, I did some investigation into this cream for myself to try and see if all the hype was about and see if the seller’s claims were correct. From investigation, rather than other skin firming, anti aging type skin products Trilastin in fact and I quote “not only helps to avoid the breakdown of dermal tissue that causes stretch marks but also provides the necessary proteins needed to help repair existing marks.”

It happened that Trilastin SR also helps to carry the unstopped cell regeneration development that occurs within the skin to cause optimistic visible change on dermal scarring while also thickening the skin’s epidermal layer which normalizes the skin’s exterior, helping to fix and lower the view of existing striae. It was effectual on both men and women of all skin types and colors.

Trilastin SR is a complex that actually contains high potency elastins and collagens, the same substances of the genuine skin itself, along with a soy protein concentrate that consists of 10 essential amino acids that are vital for the growth of new and vibrant skin cells. For these reasons this cream has been shown to have notable effects on all kinds of stretch marks.

Stretch marks can be worse and vary from individual to individual because of the varying elasticities of each person’s skin. Trilastin SR facilitates the process for the body to make its own skin repair.

Even though the results may vary, the company producing the cream advises that within 3-4 weeks detectable results of the cream will be able to be seen. Though the claims for Trilastin are big, a range of testimonials for the cream imply that such results can surely be attained.

Today’s Biggest Stars Embrace Louis Vuitton

What is it about a Louis Vuitton purse that is so appealing? For most, it’s the sense of luxury and privilege the elite bags exude. sure, durability and quality of materials are important traits in a designer purse, but those aren’t the only factors to consider. In addition to making sure your handbag will last for years to come, it’s also important that it suits your personal style and makes the desired impression.

Carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag is a surefire way to turn heads and achieve an exclusive status, which is why they’ve become a staple among today’s Hollywood elite. Some of showbiz’s most high-profile rockers, actors, and supermodels have been photographed carrying LV’s hottest purses, luggage pieces, and wallets. Some are content with purchasing regular stock items from Louis Vuitton stores, while others prefer to pay the extra money and wait the requisite six months for a custom-crafted piece.

Recently, paparazzi have snapped pictures of the following big names with their treasured Louis Vuitton accessories:

– Madonna: The iconic pop star supports the brand that hired her by toting her own personal bags in public. On the streets of New York, she was seen with the vividly colorful Louis Vuitton logo bag, striking a bright note against her metallic sweater and dark fur coat.

– Miley Cyrus: Renowned for achieving an accomplished sense of style at a young age, the teen pop star was most recently seen with her Monogram Canvas Speedy, although her collection includes other, trendier bags as well. She paid big bucks for her pricey Bottega Veneta Intrecciato, made from buttery purple leather.

– Jessica Simpson: Displaying a longtime loyalty for the brand, Jessica owns several Louis Vuitton bags, including her Monogram Canvas Pet Carrier, which she uses to convey Daisy, her pint-sized pooch. The pop star has also been spotted toting her sporty Louis Vuitton Denim Neo Speedy, a one-of-a-kind bag that boasts a unique hand-washed material.

– Beyonce: This famous solo artist strikes a fashionable note when she hits the town with her head-turning Louis Vuitton patchwork bag, for which she was rumored to have paid a tidy sum of $42,000.

– Hilary Duff: The classic Louis Vuitton Damier is one of this young star’s favorite bags, exuding a classic, versatile style.

– Cameron Diaz: For her frequent travels, this gorgeous starlet pulls along her rolling Louis Vuitton Monogram Luggage.

– Denise Richards: Function and femininity are the hallmarks of this actress’ pink Louis Vuitton Denim Bag, combining style and sportiness.

This is just a sampling of the high-profile Hollywood personalities who gravitate to Louis Vuitton purses. Many others — Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian, to name a few — have been seen out and about with their chic LV accessories.

In addition to purchasing them as fashion statements, many of today’s hottest celebrities have lent their faces and personas to promoting the brand. The most recent Hollywood endorsers have included Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, and Sean Connery, who have headlined worldwide marketing campaigns. These celebrity ads have increased the elite status of Louis Vuitton.

Tips on Lace Wigs That You Did Not Know

The lace wig phenomenon caught up by a few prominent celebrities who made it popular. However, the fact that we got to know they were wearing these wigs shouldn’t put you off, because these lace wigs need some tricks and tips that would make them blend onto your hairline with flawless perfection. Wearing wigs has been practiced since ages unknown but with better technologies and tools in hand the making of these wigs have evolved so much so that they disguise the real hair-look leaving no stones unturned. Whether it is covering up patches of the visible scalp due to hair loss causing medical conditions or just to reform yourself and get a new and instant makeover, lace wigs works like magic in both cases.

Wearing the lace wigs is not that tough unless you do it taking certain little things into consideration. Sometimes people might advice you to pull back all your hair or even trim or shave off the baby hairs that linger around your actual hairline, eventually when you wear the wig the forehead looks too prominent and pulled back like a man. It does not really go well with every other facial contour. Beyonce Knowles and Tyra Banks have done the exact same thing and thus ended up looking like Geisha dolls. Besides, when the lace in the front is not perfectly camouflaged to match your skin tone with the right make up, the fake lace hairline looks prominently visible making your hair a topic of humor.

So, if you chose to wear a lace wig after all, do so in a way that it looks very natural in the forehead and the nape area. Leaving out a little amount of baby hairs in the front and then fixing the hairline of your lace wig would be a good idea. Hairs from the natural hairline would help in giving you a more realistic appearance. Also, ensure that you do not wear your lace wig to the bed. Doing so will degrade the quality of the hair on the wig sooner enough. Taking pristine care of your wigs would make sure they look lustrous and shiny for the whole of their supposed shelf life.

Also, while choosing a lace wig do not experiment too much with the color. Choosing the right hue that matches your skin tone would save a lot of mishaps when it comes to matching the wig to your face and crown. So go ahead and spend some quality time while shopping for your lace wig. Choose a store that gives you plenty of options in numerous brands so that you can effectively compare the prices, the style and the type of wig at a go.