Why You Shouldn’t Be Overly Concerned About NBA Picks

It’s the season for free NBA picks and predictions, right? And being the ardent basketball fan that you are, you have been up all night trying to make sense of the free handicapping contests online. Sure they certainly seem to have sent mouse clicks aflutter, particularly with the whopping prize money of $10,000! With websites making insane promises of helping you discover the secret to winning a staggering 97% of your bets using the time-tested and highly effective sports betting systems created by Cornell University’s PhD graduate, things have gotten over-the-top. There are die-hard addicts that are willing to go the whole hog, even though they may not have the desired sports knowledge or betting experience.

The Best in the Handicapping Industry

So you firmly believed that ‘As LeBron Turns King James’ would unite with the Bulls and take his stunning act to Second City where Michael Jordan remains an eternal marvel? Some earnest fans believed that he would run off with the Knicks or Nets? Still others were adamant – he would stay put in dull dreary and drab Cleveland? And as things unfolded, what happened was truly unbelievable – James opted to compete in South Beach. Now Miami Heat have pulled off a sensational coup by signing superstar LeBron James to a new contract to play alongside Dwyane Wade and former Raptor Chris Bosh, thus completing the awesome South Beach Trio. So you know there are no short cuts to the NBA picks.

Would a sneak peak at the betting preview be of some help? A preview of the most likely Eastern Conference finals in the opening game of the season may throw up some surprises when LeBron takes on O’Neal. A look at the early betting odds for this heavyweight NBA matchup may be of some assistance. What about celebrity NBA picks – athletes and celebrities on what they feel will make the NBA finals worth every penny? So while Grey’s Anatomy star Jessie Williams is grudgingly appreciative of seeing Boston in 6, comedian and host of Marriage Ref, Tom Papa lays his bets on only one team that will be left standing – The Celtics.

4-2 Boston or Lakers in 6 games, the NBA picks are only beginning to look hotter and better.