Vizio Optic Offers a Wide Range of Designer Eyewear

Vizio Optic Offers a Wide Range of Designer Eyewear Vizio Optic, one of the premier eyeglasses and sunglasses retailers in Boston, offers a wide selection of the finest in designer frames. Vizio Optic has recently won the 2011 Best of Boston Award for sunglasses and eyeglasses retailers, its fourth win of a Best of Boston award. The fine eyewear brands available at Vizio Optic include Lafont, Lindberg and Face a Face.

Lafont eyewear is a French brand whose name dates back to a Parisian optical shop from the 1920s. In the 1970s, descendents of the owner of the original optical shop began their own line of frames. Lafont eyewear’s frames are distinctive and sophisticated and come in a wide array of colors and frame materials. Lafont eyewear’s frame materials include metal, plastic, titanium and metal options as well as metal-inlay plastic frames. Vizio Optic offers both the latest contemporary looks from Lafont eyewear and the Reedition Collection, a collection of classic frames that have been reissued and updated.

Lindberg eyewear was begun in Denmark in 1969 and, since that time, they’ve won over 40 awards for product design. Lindberg eyewear’s signature “AIR titanium” frames are some of the lightest frames on the market today. Lindberg eyewear’s frames contain no screws, lending each pair of glasses a characteristic minimalist style that has enjoyed worldwide popularity. Bill Gates, Robert De Niro and Tyra Banks all wear Lindberg frames and Lindberg eyewear is the primary eyeglasses supplier to the Royal Danish Court. Vizio Optic offers a wide range of Lindberg frames for men, women and children.

Face a Face eyewear, a French brand of eyeglasses and jewelry created by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth in 1995, is one of the most recent designer eyewear brands to appear on the market. Face a Face eyewear takes an architectural approach to its designs, paying close attention to the shape of its hand-made frames. Face a Face eyewear offers some of the most daring and inventive frame designs available today, with unexpected colors and shapes being brought together in beautiful and compelling ways. Vizio Optic offers nearly 200 frames by Face a Face eyewear.

Whether you’re planning to supplement your current eyeglasses or sunglasses collection or are looking for that one pair of glasses that expresses your style perfectly and can be worn day in and day out, Vizio Optic has a designer frame that will work for you. Combined with one of Vizio Optic’s specialized, high-quality prescription lenses, your new glasses are sure to be a durable and stylish addition to your wardrobe.