Teen Violence Deadly Teen Dating Abuse

You would never guess in a million years that once you’ve raised your child to a point, that they are able to take care of their selves and handle certain responsibilities that abuse and your child would be in the same sentence. It’s your baby and she’s too young to be going through a horrible situation of abuse. In addition it’s your son and you just can’t believe that he’s the abuser, it is so hard to settle because it’s a unbearable thing to witness or go through.

Tyra Banks aired a very powerful episode about “Deadly Teen Abuse”. It literally touched my heart and got me up to share it with you. According to statistics on the Tyra Banks Show teen abuse has skyrocketed up to 40% in the last ten years. It is a dangerous secret that’s going on with teen couples today.

Tyra’s first guests were a 17 and 18 year old couple who physically and mentally abused each other. When they would fight it would literally get bad, there was punching, slapping, pushing and kicking involved. One day it had gotten so bad that the 18 year old boyfriend strangled his 17 year old girlfriend to point of her blacking out on the bathroom floor. When she came to she didn’t even remember what had happened.

I cannot believe that this is going on, I mean I’ve witnessed adults fighting but when it comes to our children it just shook me up. I have two daughters and I can’t imagine either one of them being beaten by their so called boyfriend. Tell you the truth I would probably seriously hurt that boy, I could not handle it! There was a part in the show when two of the girls had revealed that they kept the bloody stained clothing that they were beaten in as a reminder of that horrible night. It’s their way of reminding their selves why they don’t need a woman beater.

No matter what age chronic abusers usually develop this type of behavior from observation. They could have learned it from seeing someone in their family being abused. Chronic abusers always blames the victim for their attitude and actions. It’s either “she made me do that” or “she made me mad” there is always a excuse, when reality is there’s never a reason for a man to hit a woman under no circumstances is it ok. Another girl 17 years old survived a vicious attack from her boyfriend, she nearly died. Her boyfriend is so evil that he called a couple of his friends to come rape and kill her, thankfully that didn’t happen.

There was another girl that appeared on the show and she was 18 years old with a child. Her current ex-boyfriend started abusing her years into the relationship. One day they were in the car and he was mad about something. There was her, him and his brothers in the car, all of a sudden he just got to pounding on her! He continued by dragging her out of the car and busting her head open with a glass bottle giving her black eyes, bloody mouth and a concussion.

Oh my God! I felt so sorry for these young women, I mean it is so messed up. The mother of the 17 year old girl didn’t know about the abuse. According to expert Robby…. I can’t recall her last name, she said that it is very important for mothers to have that bond with their daughters. Participate in fun activities, create a strong connection so that if your happens to be spending her time with a batterer, she won’t feel like she has nowhere to run to. This will let your child know that whatever she’s going through she’s not alone and there is a safe place for her. Robby even stated that; “men who batter women do it because they look towards their girlfriends to feel manly”.

Tyra confronted these abusers and fortunately they want help and are willing to change, but for how long? It was a great show, moms watch out for your daughter. The signs of abuse are: pushing, hitting, punching and etc. Verbal abuse is no better, these teens are growing too fast and are not morally being raised properly. These girls can do better and they deserve better and that goes out to all of the teenage girls that are being battered in any way. Teens idea of love is so flawed.