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Why Profane Emails From Atrazine Scientist Tyrone Hayes Are Important

Syngenta, the primary maker of atrazine, recently filed a complaint with UC-Berkeley, citing years of profane and threatening emails from its anti-atrazine researcher Tyrone Hayes. The company released a 102-page document of the e-mails that Syngenta employees had received from Dr. Hayes. Nature, New York Times, Gawker, Washington Times, Science Now and others have reported on the complaint, but the articles mostly focus on the wild e-mails from Dr. Hayes. Today’s media gravitates toward sensationalism and Dr. Hayes’ emails certainly provide fodder for that type of reporting. On-line articles on the Hayes emails feature headlines nearly as sexually explicit as his emails.

Most of the environmental activists have simply shrugged off the 102 pages of often-explicit emails. They claim the complaint is simply a red herring to distract EPA as it continues through a series of atrazine science advisory panels that the agency initiated after an activist-driven media blitz that occurred about this time last year. They claim this is just a guy communicating the way he is comfortable withyou know, free speech and all that stuff.

We have known for years that Dr. Hayes was an activist scientist who actively campaigns against atrazine. He has an anti-atrazine website, goes on speaking tours; Houghton Mifflin published a children’s book about him. Thankfully, they did not include any of Dr. Hayes’ email proseit wouldn’t be suitable for kids, (or most adults for that matter).

In 2006, EPA estimated that an atrazine ban would cost corn farmers $28 per acre. In today’s world, that number is surely higher. Couple that with the fact that atrazine is a necessity for many farmers who are using no-till practices that have numerous environmental benefits, and you can see the value of atrazine not only to farmers but also the environment. This is why farmers are actively involved in EPA’s latest re-re-review of atrazine.

At a glance, this flare-up seems to be more fluff than substance. So what if the guy blew off some steam in some e-mails, who hasn’t done that? But when we looked at the e-mails, we ignored the ones that talked about forced sexual acts and self adulation. We looked at the ones where he talked about his own scientific integrity.

After a toxicology meeting in early 2008 (SETAC), Hayes sent a Syngenta employee a rambling six-page “manifesto”. In it, Dr. Hayes says he doesn’t care about professionalism. He says he was invited to speak because he puts on a great show. The ellipses in the text were placed by Hayes. And IDGAF means, I don’t’ give a f***.

“IDGAF! Come on?????…do you think I care about propriety and professionalism? I do what I do, because it’s what I do…IDGAF!!! Look, my first SETAC, I rolled up 15 and 15!… autograph- signing, room-packing, rhyme-busting, *ss-whoopin… and toldem’ “please don’t ever invite me back” …I have used the “F-word” in my talks, have quoted DMX, Busta Rhymes, Tyra Banks, Marvin Gaye…I have jumped off stage, brandished emails…entitled my talks everything from “Opening up shop” (from DMX’s “Stop, drop, shuttem’ down, open up shop”) and “America’s Next Top Model” ….I pack the room, havem’ call out security, was the stimulus for the “Hayes clause” at registration, and have been invited back every year. That’s my house, Trick! Do I care what you, (deleted) and your *ss kissin’ H*’s think?

I’ve already been invited to the next one…guess people like being entertained.”

The New York Times said in its story on Dr. Hayes this week: “The Syngenta-Hayes battle is driven in no small part by Hayes’ unique willingness to wear two hats, those of outspoken atrazine critic and objective scientist.”

After reading the 102 pages of Tyrone Hayes’ emails, we can’t believe that is an accurate description of Dr. Hayes. We believe Dr. Hayes wears one hatthat of an outspoken atrazine critic.

EPA found his past amphibian research to be worthless. In 2005, Anne Lindsay, then a top official in EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs at EPA said: “EPA has taken an especially close look at the research conducted by Dr. Tyrone Hayes which reports that atrazine adversely affects sexual development in frogs, causing a mixture of sex organs in a single animal. EPA has concluded that the existing data are insufficient to demonstrate that atrazine causes such effects. The Agency’s conclusions are supported by the independent, expert peer review of the SAP (Science Advisory Panel).”

We hope the agency resists the urge to be entertained by Dr. Hayes, and simply uses the scientific process to evaluate his current research.

Weight Loss Body Wraps

There are basically two different kinds of body wraps being used today. Both types are largely focused on the healing, moisturizing, and conditioning of the skin. However, the primary role of the two kinds of body wraps is radically different. Read on to find out more!

Weight loss body wraps can be very expensive to buy in a beauty salon, but it is perfectly possible to make your own herbal wraps at home and with practice the salon results can be achieved. Herbal wraps involve wrapping the body, or the part of the body that is of concern, in bandages that have been soaked in different solutions according to taste. Once the wrapping is complete the pores begin to open and toxins leave the body and are absorbed by the bandages.

The ingredients found in the body wraps penetrate deep and work at the cellular level to help eliminate toxins and create something called lymphatic drainage. This process helps move the fat and toxins out of your body. By removing these toxins and impurities, your will notice inch loss in that specific or targeted area. Some people have reported significant inch loss in just the first treatment.

These wraps have an herbal ingredients that are applied to a cloth and come packaged up. The way they work is you put them on your targeted area of your body such as your belly, arms or on your cellulite on your thighs. The ingredients work all the way down to the cellular level where they help you to detoxify your fat cells by getting rid of fat and harmful toxins.

During this process, the interstitial fluids (lymph) in your fat cells, is allowed to move freely and transports your fatty acids and toxins out of your body as waste. These fluids contain harmful impurities which your body has stored from the processed foods we eat and the air we breathe.

The inch loss with body wraps happens because once the fat and toxins are removed from the cell, there are empty parts of the cell left. The body wraps, if secured on tightly will squeeze these cells together, and this is how you lose those inches fast. You will also notice your skin feeling softer and more supple since a lot of the body wrap ingredients are very moisturizing as well.

Body wrapping has been featured throughout the world on shows such as Oprah, Donahue, Tyra Banks, Montel Williams, ET, and the list goes on . . . Those wraps included exercising, which really defeats the purpose because you are actually causing “water weight loss” verses “toxin” weight loss. Body wrapping has also been recently featured in First Magazine as well as Women’s World.

Vizio Optic Offers a Wide Range of Designer Eyewear

Vizio Optic Offers a Wide Range of Designer Eyewear Vizio Optic, one of the premier eyeglasses and sunglasses retailers in Boston, offers a wide selection of the finest in designer frames. Vizio Optic has recently won the 2011 Best of Boston Award for sunglasses and eyeglasses retailers, its fourth win of a Best of Boston award. The fine eyewear brands available at Vizio Optic include Lafont, Lindberg and Face a Face.

Lafont eyewear is a French brand whose name dates back to a Parisian optical shop from the 1920s. In the 1970s, descendents of the owner of the original optical shop began their own line of frames. Lafont eyewear’s frames are distinctive and sophisticated and come in a wide array of colors and frame materials. Lafont eyewear’s frame materials include metal, plastic, titanium and metal options as well as metal-inlay plastic frames. Vizio Optic offers both the latest contemporary looks from Lafont eyewear and the Reedition Collection, a collection of classic frames that have been reissued and updated.

Lindberg eyewear was begun in Denmark in 1969 and, since that time, they’ve won over 40 awards for product design. Lindberg eyewear’s signature “AIR titanium” frames are some of the lightest frames on the market today. Lindberg eyewear’s frames contain no screws, lending each pair of glasses a characteristic minimalist style that has enjoyed worldwide popularity. Bill Gates, Robert De Niro and Tyra Banks all wear Lindberg frames and Lindberg eyewear is the primary eyeglasses supplier to the Royal Danish Court. Vizio Optic offers a wide range of Lindberg frames for men, women and children.

Face a Face eyewear, a French brand of eyeglasses and jewelry created by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth in 1995, is one of the most recent designer eyewear brands to appear on the market. Face a Face eyewear takes an architectural approach to its designs, paying close attention to the shape of its hand-made frames. Face a Face eyewear offers some of the most daring and inventive frame designs available today, with unexpected colors and shapes being brought together in beautiful and compelling ways. Vizio Optic offers nearly 200 frames by Face a Face eyewear.

Whether you’re planning to supplement your current eyeglasses or sunglasses collection or are looking for that one pair of glasses that expresses your style perfectly and can be worn day in and day out, Vizio Optic has a designer frame that will work for you. Combined with one of Vizio Optic’s specialized, high-quality prescription lenses, your new glasses are sure to be a durable and stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Use of Lace Hair Wigs by Famous Actresses and Celebrities

Since the time of Shakespearean performances, wigs have become a big necessity in every celebrity and performer’s makeup and dressing bag. Whether it is to help portray a character better or just add some glamour to their lives, many actresses make use of wigs.

Seeing the rampant use, these wigs have evolved a long way from the fiber helmets they used to be into very natural looking hair that can’t be spotted as a wig. Lace hair wigs are the ones that are the ‘golden egg’ when it comes to transforming your hairstyle successfully and in a jiffy. These lace wigs are barely detectable when put on correctly and easily blend in with your skin making it a very natural look. Due to these advancements celebrities like Emma Stone (in The Help), Rachel McAdams (in Mean Girls) and singers like Beyonce and Lady Gaga in their performances have been able to portray their characters so well.

Some actresses wear lace wigs as their hair cannot be tailored to resemble the character. In “My Week with Marilyn”, Michelle Williams had to wear a wig because her hair was much shorter than needed. Claire Danes too needed a wig to portray Juliet in “Romeo + Juliet” because her hair was too short and did not match the characters feminine long hair that was needed.

One main motive of using lace hair wigs is also to keep the actresses’ hair from getting damaged by continuous styling. Julianna Margulies’s character Alicia on “The Good Wife,” has straight hair and wearing a wig lets the actress save her own curly locks from constant treatment.

Lace wigs are also used so that actresses can portray fictional characters and create an eccentric look. For instance, Halle Berry as Storm in the X-Men movies or Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.

Other than for movies, many celebrities also like to wear wigs in their everyday lives to keep up with the different hairstyles and trends. They do this because it is very difficult to color and cut your hair every once in a while to create a different hairstyle, making lace wigs the perfect solution. Celebrities like Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Nicki Minaj and Tyra banks are a few of the celebrities who make use of lace wigs and the styles and trends of their lace wigs depend on their personal fashion quotient or the latest trends in hair.

Whether these actresses and celebrities use lace hair wigs as a part of their character portrayal or for just looking glamorous every day, they seem to have made them extremely popular. While some believe that wigs are an important part of helping them ‘become’ the character, other say they are a fun accessory. Whichever it is, they are definitely here to stay in the movie and fashion industry and are a very integral part of any character!